Editorial Error: CHARGER_STATUS

It has been brought to the attention of the administrator that an editorial error was made in the CHARGER_STATUS DGN.

In that DGN, in the field "Operating State", the original specification has the following data values assigned:

0 – Disable
1 - Not charging
2 – Bulk
3 – Absorption
4 – Overcharge
5 – Equalize
6 – Float
7 - Constant voltage/Current

In the most recent update, an attempt was made to reduce duplication by changing this to "See Table 6.5.5b for values." Aable 6.5.5b refers to DC_SOURCE_STATUS_4. Unfortunately, the values in that DGN are not exactly the same. The values for 0 and 1 are different.

This is a purely editorial mistake. There has been no submission to change the original CHARGER_STATUS DGN, and therefore the original text will be restored.