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RV-C Specification Update - Current Revision 05-14-22

The RV-C Layer Document has been updated to 05-14-22. The current revision is attached.

Any Approved Official Business posts after 05-14-21 will be added to the RV-C Specification until they are amended to a new version of the RV-C Layer document.

To see old revisions of the RV-C Layer Document from Nov. 2021 to May 2022 with the approved attachments, please see the Old RV-C Specification Archive.

RV-C Specification Update 11-01-21

The latest version of the RV-C Layer document may be downloaded here or through the RV-C Specification.

RV-C is an ever-expanding protocol, and these documents are subject to change. Monitor the Official Business forum for additions and changes.

Latest RV-C Layer Document 4-8-21 version

“The latest version of the RV-C Layer document may be downloaded here. A tremendous amount of work by The RVIA RV-C Technical Subcommittee has been put into this effort. RV-C is an ever-expanding protocol, and these documents are subject to change. Monitor the "Official Business" forum for additions and changes.”

Revised Specification Now Available

The revisions and additions accumulated over several years have been incorporated into a new RV-C specification document. The new document includes all updates as of December 15, 2015. It is available for free download on this site. Simply click on "RV-C Specification" on the left side of this page.

Media Files Available On-Line

RV-C was the focus of a booth at the 2010 RVIA National Show. The booth included a live demonstration of operation and diagnostics of an RV-C system, and a video that outlined the benefits of RV-C for manufacturers, suppliers, and technicians. The video and presentation outline are available for download to members of the media at http://www2.silverleafelectronics.com/temp/RV-C Media Files.zip.

The video is copyrighted by the RVIA and is provided as background information only. Any public use of the video must be approved by the RVIA Technical Subcommittee on Multiplexing.

RV-C Brochure Available On-Line

Brochure  Preview.jpg

A full-color brochure on RV-C is now available. The brochure was part of the 2007 Network Fest education program, and outlines the benefits of RV-C. Written for a general audience, it is an excellent introduction to RV-C.

The brochure can be downloaded here, and printed copies can be obtained by contacting SilverLeaf Electronics (541-967-8111) or e-mailing the rv-c.com administrator using the link on the right side of this page.

Announcing: 4x4 Video Switch

The VDX 404 Video Switch is now available. This unit accepts up to four NTSC video sources, and routes them to up to four video monitors. Any signal can be routed to any monitor without limitation - for example, one signal can be routed to all four monitors simultaneously, making the unit into a 4:1 splitter. The switching can be controlled by up to 12 external switches, such as blinker signals or rocker switches. The unit can also read the RV-C or SAE J1939 data bus to detect when the vehicle is in Reverse gear. And the unit can be controlled via RV-C.

All output signals are conditioned and buffered. No other hardware is required for a full-featured, high-quality system.

The unit is configured using RV-C and the Omniscope tool.

The typical application is for routing rear and side cameras to multiple dash monitors. The unit easily manages the switching of signals according to whether the RV is in reverse or the blinkers are active. Other applications include switching GPS displays to multiple monitors and routing camera signals to the main televisions for security purposes.

Second Network Fest Slated for 2008

Impressed by the success of the 2007 Network Fest held at the Louisville RVIA National Show, the RVIA Board of Directors has approved a second fest for the 2008 show. A committee has been formed to coordinate the event.

More information on the Fest will be available on the Network Fest Forum on this web site. If you or your company wishes to participate, please contact us through that forum.

RV-C Network Fest Report


The 2007 RV-C Network Fest was a tremendous success, both technically and as an educational event. Fourteen vendors connected over two dozen devices into the network backbone. Despite the fact that many of the devices were brand new, there were no network problems and the products interoperated exactly as intended. This was an impressive demonstration of the maturity of the RV-C specification.

Roughly a thousand people toured the Fest and were treated to several demonstrations. The flexibility of RV-C was clearly apparent in a five-zone climate control system that included components from three different vendors. The broad support for RV-C was shown by the presence of seven different control panels and a dozen other distinct types of products. RV-C's contribution to product safety was apparent with the demonstration of the interlocks between the awning, levelers, and the chassis park brake and vehicle speed sensor.

Dealers were a large percentage of the attendees, and were particularly impressed by the diagnostic capabilities RV-C provides. The similarity between RV-C and the diagnostic protocols used in cars was well appreciated. Leaders of the RVDA (RV Dealer Association) expressed enthusiastic support of the RVIA's efforts to bring this powerful technology into the RV industry.

Participants included:
- Aqua-Hot (Heating)
- Atwood (AC Power Distribution)
- Carefree of Colorado (Awning)
- Faria (Control Panel)
- Freightliner Custom Chassis (Chassis Interface)
- Girard Systems (Awning)
- HWH (Hydraulic Leveling)
- Intellitec (DC Power Distribution)
- PowerTech (Generator)
- SilverLeaf Electronics (Control Panel, Diagnostic Tool)
- Spartan Chassis (Chassis Interface)
- TRC (Lighting Control, Transfer Switch)
- TriMark (Door Control, Entry System)
- Vansco (Control Panel)

The Fest also received logistical support from Country Coach and Ladd Industries.

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