Announcing: 4x4 Video Switch

The VDX 404 Video Switch is now available. This unit accepts up to four NTSC video sources, and routes them to up to four video monitors. Any signal can be routed to any monitor without limitation - for example, one signal can be routed to all four monitors simultaneously, making the unit into a 4:1 splitter. The switching can be controlled by up to 12 external switches, such as blinker signals or rocker switches. The unit can also read the RV-C or SAE J1939 data bus to detect when the vehicle is in Reverse gear. And the unit can be controlled via RV-C.

All output signals are conditioned and buffered. No other hardware is required for a full-featured, high-quality system.

The unit is configured using RV-C and the Omniscope tool.

The typical application is for routing rear and side cameras to multiple dash monitors. The unit easily manages the switching of signals according to whether the RV is in reverse or the blinkers are active. Other applications include switching GPS displays to multiple monitors and routing camera signals to the main televisions for security purposes.

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