A general change in terminology: Message Gap v. Broadcast Rate

From the Lead Group,

To date, the RV-C protocol has called out Minimum, Maximum, and Normal "Broadcast Rates" for each DGN, with values given in milliseconds. Over time it has been noted that the terminology has been somewhat confusing, as rates are usually expressed in terms of events/period. Whereas most DGNs have been listed with a maximum rate being the slowest rate (e.g. 5000ms) and the minimum rate the fastest (e.g. 500ms), some DGNs were written using the opposite logic.

Therefore, as a blanket edit left to the Administrator, the term used in all DGNs shall be "Message Gap" (Minimum, Maximum, and Normal). Many of the working documents already have this change indicated. However, if the change is not indicated in the working document, it is still intended and has merely been left to the Administrator.