New Device: Generic Plumbing Valve

Martin Perlot of SilverLeaf Electronics submits the definition of a new device: Generic Plumbing Valve, along with two new DGNs, SPNs, Alarms, and a Test Profile.

Although RV-C has already defined certain specific plumbing valves (e.g. Waste Dump), there are some applications that require plumbing valves that don't fit neatly into any of the existing applications. The DGN also includes a pressure measurement - another datum for which has been defined for certain specific applications but not every conceivable use.

This submission has a second purpose - that is, to serve as a model for future submissions. It is the first new device defined since the Working Groups have begun defining test profiles, and it adds two sections (Alarms, Test Profiles) which haven't been part of previous submissions. As such, it is a good vehicle for discussing how future submissions should be formatted.

Generic Valve .doc36 KB