Martin Perlot of Silver Leaf Electronics proposes the following Amendments to CHASSIS_MOBILITY_STATUS_2 (1FEA8h), :

New Fields:

Bytes 3, Fuel Level Percent
Data Type: uint8
Unit: %
Value Definition: See Table 5.3. The amount of fuel in the tank, relative to its capacity.

Byte 4-7, Odometer
Date Type: uint32
Value Definition: Precision = 5m. 0 = 0m. Value Range = 0m-21,474,836,465m. Scaling is identical to SAE J1939 Total Vehicle Distance (High Resolution).

These are new data items with a variety of applications. Fuel Level is important where RV appliances (e.g. furnace, genset) draw from the chassis fuel tank. The Odometer reading can be used for warranty verification and also for tracking vehicle movement.