May 2022 RV-C Layer Document

The latest version of the RV-C Layer document may be downloaded here. A tremendous amount of work by The RVIA RV-C Technical Subcommittee has been put into this effort. RV-C is an ever-expanding protocol, and these documents are subject to change.

Monitor the Official Business forum for additions and changes.

The attached amendments have been approved since the 05-14-22 publication of the RV-C Layer Document and comments can be reviewed in the Approved Submissions Archive.

NOTE: Section 6.41 has been updated to Vehicle Seat and a new DSA assigned.

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Table 6.17.3b AC Status 2 Update 041822.docx17.55 KB
6.14.2 Slideout Command 051322.docx19.38 KB
Section_6.19_Inverter_Updates_052522.docx66.01 KB
6.17.5_Heat_Pump_Status_052622.docx22.39 KB
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