Furnace / Water Heater SPNs

Martin Perlot of SilverLeaf Electronics submits the following SPNs for Water Heater and Furnace devices.

(3-instance-0) - Burner control unit
(3-instance-1) - Burner start failure
(3-instance-2) - Flame failure
(3-instance-3) - Burner voltage
(3-instance-4) - Burner premature flame recognition
(3-instance-5) - Flame monitor
(3-instance-6) - Coolant temperature sensor
(3-instance-7) - Metering pump
(4-instance-0) - Combustion air fan
(4-instance-1) - Glow plug
(4-instance-2) - Burner assembly overheating
(4-instance-3) - Circulation pump
(4-instance-4) - Power supply
(4-instance-5) - Output fan
(4-instance-6) - Overheating protection system
(4-instance-7) - Reference resistance
(5-instance-0) - Exhaust gas temperature
(5-instance-1) - Exhaust gas temperature sensor

These failures are derived from the diagnostic features common to several popular diesel burners. Such burners can be used for both Water Heaters and Furnaces, and it seems sensible to use the same codes for both device types.