New DGNs - DC Dimmer Current Status, Operating Statistics

Clayton Lorenz of Spyder Controls has submitted new DGNs for DC Dimmer Current Status, DC Dimmer Operating Statistics, and an amendment to DC Dimmer Command 2.

Please see the attached PDF document for details.

Justification: Smart FETS are becoming a common feature for controlling DC power. These DGNs implement certain features common to such products in the context of a DC Dimmer.

DC Dimmer Statistic DGN.pdf67.51 KB

The submission does not

The submission does not pass.

As thirty days has passed since the original submission and the objection has not been withdrawn, this submission does not pass.

No, this DGN function should

No, this DGN function should be more generalized. Also the time and counts requires specific variables that my not be available. I offer to help refine structure this function.