New Group of DGNs - DC_DRIVER_STATUS/COMMAND. Amendment to DGN Request

Submitted by Clayton Lorenz at Spyder Controls,

An Amendment to Request for DGN, adding the ability to select specific instances for the request.


A group of DGNs that apply to all RV-C devices, giving the status of all DC drivers (e.g. "smart FETs") within the device. The format is similar to the AC_POINT DGNs, in which the same format is applied to a variety of AC devices (transfer switch, genset, inverter, etc..), but for these DGNs, every RV-C device type has a set of DGNs defined for it. Thus these DGNs will apply automatically to devices that we define in the future, as well as those in the specification today.


Smart FETs have become ubiquitous in almost any product that pushes more than a handful of electrons around. To date, the only reference to component FETs are in the rather specialized Inverter/Charger DGNs, and the need for a broader, more unified method is becoming urgent.

DC Driver DGNs.pdf507.06 KB

David Bailey caught a minor

David Bailey caught a minor error and Clayton acknowledged it.

The correct scaling for the Overcurrent Time Thresholds should be

Instantaneous delay: 10nS resolution, 655uS full scale
Filtered delay: 100uS resolution, 6.55 seconds full scale

- Martin