Motion Group - Chassis Motion 6.11

From the Motion Group,

Edits and profiles for Chassis Motion and Vehicle Environment.

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The Motion Working Group adds

The Motion Working Group adds the following Alarms:

8 - Transmission Locked
9 - Transmission Unlocked
10 - Engine Locked
11 - Engine Unlocked

Submitted by Martin Perlot,

Submitted by Martin Perlot, RV-C Administrator, the file "Revised-ChassisMobilityProfiles.doc".


This is a much more thorough, unambiguous, and actionable set of profiles for the CHASSIS_MOBILITY_STATUS and VEHICLE_ENVIRONMENT_STATUS DGNs than what was proposed by the working group. Conceptually there are no major differences, but the previous submission did not describe a testing regime in a way that guaranteed consistent interpretation. Given that these two DGNs are essential for safety, ambiguity is not acceptable.