6.19.25 Inverter

Proposed change related to 6.19.25 INVERTER related to inconsistencies with ‘Enable at Startup’

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There is a common theme in

There is a common theme in these submissions that require a reset of the inverter before changes are effective which I question being universally applicable.

It is perhaps a broader question across all of the 'Change xxx' messages, inverters, solar panels, any device type. It may well be that a device reset is required before changes are effective, but that may also not always be the case. I think this theme of reset required is more product specific then general specification and suggest such wording be removed.

Noting: 01A-S-15 (Draft be published) required the response message to commands to be sent within 250mS of a command message, the above reset language is counter to that. It does however driver a larger question, and perhaps it would be worthwhile to review at the whole spec level the concept of devices needing to be reset before changes are effective. It also drives the question: How are devices reset, and should a standardized way be added to RV-C to allow a forced reset of a given device or node -- or should that be allowed to be device specific.

Offline conversations it was

Offline conversations it was pointed out to me that the changes in question are focusing on fields which impact how the inverter behaves during startup. As such, the 'after reset' is indeed appropriate.

I withdraw my concern on these changes. We should note the larger concern (01A-S-15) perhaps at a team level.

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