6.44 - External Interface (Wireless) Update


New DGN’s request and protocol for wireless devices communications for the RV-C.

- ALL DNGs listed in the attachment are TENTATIVE until this RV-C submission is approved.

6.44_External_Interface_Update_1122.docx6.73 MB

I have a question as to what

I have a question as to what if there are multiple device types on the network that have Bluetooth.

How will the instances be controlled. Should not an address be part of the command data structure?
Destination address be the first byte in the payload then byte 2 would be instance?
A device might have more than one Bluetooth if it is a multi-instance device.

For instance, my controller controls lights, it can do that by CAN and/or by bluetooth.
I obtain an address for the lighting control but now do I have to obtain a second address to handle Bluetooth?
In my controller, all I want to do is be able to enable/disable Bluetooth and reset the passcode that the customer determines.

I was just going to use the Broker Connection Text Command and Status but there is no way for me to determine if the command is for me. When I report status the source address will let someone know it is form me but there is no way to tell if a command is for me.

It seems as if these command DGNs should be sent to a specific address and if the device has Bluetooth then it will accept these commands. This way I don’t have to get multiple device addresses.

How can I handle just changing the user passcode without having to get a second address for the controller?