An addition to Wastedump Command

Attached is a proposal to add a "Start Automatic Dumping Cycle" command to the WASTEDUMP_COMMAND PGN.

This command is intended to allow the user to command the wastedump controller to automatically dump the indicated tank, including whatever flush and additive process it is configured for, and to close the valve when complete. This process was missed in the original submission.

Wastedump Proposal.doc6 KB

Approved. This item has been


This item has been approved by letter ballot.

We have no objections to

We have no objections to this change as no conflicts result in existing systems.
Cheers. PH

Molli Craddock LADD

Molli Craddock
LADD Industries

Looks okay to me.

Submitted for Balloting.

Submitted for Balloting.

Looks okay.

Looks okay.