DC Driver Proposed update

Clayton Lorenz of Spyder Controls Corp proposes in the spirit of expanding the functionality of the new DC Driver DGN we are proposing expanding the commands to allow for full control over generic DC Drivers.

DC Driver Update - 2020.11.09.docx31.68 KB

This DGN presents a serious

This DGN presents a serious safety/interoperability problem.

The existing DGNs are intended for diagnostics and to provide a unified method of resetting an internal breaker. There is precious little chance for any unexpected action due to a misconfigured node or typo in someone's code. But this DGN would open a Pandora's box of possible (and possibly dangerous) actions. All it would take would be a simple instancing mix-up and a command that was meant to turn on the light in one awning is turning on the motor in another.

Moreover, I'm not seeing proper use-case for this DGN. If you want to access specific drivers in a particular node for diagnostic purposes, the correct way is to use the Proprietary DGNs, which are address-specific and thus more-or-less immune to instancing glitches. If you want to access drivers as part of normal operations, then use the standard RV-C command. If there is no standard command for that particular operation, then submit a new command to the committee.